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language learning podcasts spanish

language learning podcasts spanish

One thing I love about this podcast is all the extras you get from the homepage: free dynamic transcripts (theyre very cool), key vocabulary lists, and some are on YouTube with subtitles as well. Inside:Spanish numbers songs for kids.

A narrator clarifies whats going on in English, so there is back-and-forth between the Spanish and English. If you are having a hard time giving up your news talk radio in the morning, why not try out CNN en Espaol.

In addition, the word trainings is plural, not possessive, so no apostrophe is needed. In fact, it was awarded the prestigious Gabriel Garca Mrquez Prize for Innovation in Journalism in 2014. As you move up, it becomes more natural conversation. Spanish-language podcasts are a perfect solution for taking our intermediate skills to the next level. I went through and (hopefully) corrected the there mistakes. This in-house production offers intermediate to advanced learners with a little something for everyone: It mixes storytelling with expert explanations, linguistic insights, entertaining twists and challenging quizzes. Hey! You can pick your favorites and get caught up on the worlds happenings all on your drive to work. Levels: BeginnerTranscripts and show notes available for free. I love digging up the best-of-the-best Spanish resources for all you busy parents and teachers! If you are trying to catch up on the news and improve your Spanish, this is a very good Podcast to start with. I added a comment in parenthesis now as I completely agree driving is not something you can take for granted and certainly have to be attentive at all times. Which of the above podcasts would be best for my 3 year old?

We already listen to a couple of these, but Im always looking for more options for bilingual kids especially and was excited to find a couple new ones to try. Before joining Babbel, Dylan managed social media for CBS News. Yes, I have him in my videos post for learners. Some of them are targeted specifically at Spanish students, and others are simply really engaging podcasts that happen to be in Spanish. There are episodes on cultural topics, learning Spanish, examples conversations and dialogues, and more. These video archives of native speakers are really easy to search: grammar, level, topic, or country. My encouragement to you is to find a Podcast that you enjoy and understand and start listening to it during the time your brain is normally sitting on the sidelines. It sounds interesting, but Ive only been able to find 1 episode.

Discover Spanish is an well-organized podcast that moves through introductory phrases in well-paced 15-minute chunks. It may not sound riveting, but News in Slow Spanish is a great starting point if youre a beginner. All of the episodes can be listened to on the site, and include a transcript. Just about every Podcast on the list offers paid programs for those that really latch on to the teaching. 2. He has a charming voice (is that ok to say?) This beginner show from Babbel is a mini-podcast of 10 episodes that go over the basics of speaking Spanish, usually in 20 minutes or less. Check out some of our favorites! Each weekly episode runs for about 30 minutes long.

This podcast features inspiring voices and stories of people who challenge the status quo. She speaks more slowly and there is some Spanglish as well. Anything for Selena packs powerful storytelling into 9 episodes, as host Maria Garcia weaves together the story of Selena with her own story as a first-generation immigrant from Mexico. Thankfully, this Podcast slowly works its way up and gets more and more advanced over time.

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Our show is hosted by Spanish teachers from Latin America.. This is truly an impressive collection, with over 1,000 episodes so far! Going to theListado de episodiosis the easiest way to start navigating this extensive site. Bonus: The shows website provides a Spanish transcript of every episode, so you can follow along on paper, as well as an English translation in case you really get stuck. Our goal is to help you with your listening skills by discussing one topic at a time in a natural pace (but not too fast)..

Episodes average around 30 minutes long and feature interesting stories from Latin America and around the world. El problema es que muchos cursos de espaol estn demasiado centrados en analizar la gramtica Un idioma NO es una asignatura que hay que estudiar de forma terica. The Unlimited Spanish Podcast is your resource for practicing your Spanish speaking and listening. This is one of the few sites Ive seen that truly has novice-level reading and audio based on actual news topics, not just explanations or grammar. Thanks, Nate! He and his wife Marina, who is from Spain, speak on various topics through their engaging conversations. This is a fun and interesting podcast for learners who want to hear native speakers chatting in a relaxed, normal format. spanish past form present participles If you are at an advanced level and are a news junkie, why not try and listen to CNN en Espaol? Levels: Intermediate to Advanced.

Thanks! These Spanish Podcasts news episodes are short and walk through a variety of topics just as any news station would. Just 3 easy steps: 1. If you are looking for one of the best intermediate Spanish Podcasts that is spoken almost completely in Spanish, make sure to scroll down a bit to the intermedaite section. Muchsimas gracias por incluir a Espaol Automtico Podcast en este post. Distributed by NPR, this Spanish-language podcast features compelling, well-produced stories from across Latin America. Learn Spanish in coffee-break lessons from the Radio Lingua Network.

Lo recomiendo. As with Radio Ambulante, you need to have a more advanced knowledge of Spanish to be able to follow along with this podcast, but if you can understand it, youll learn a lot while cementing your language skills. (Though beginner levels are technically offered, they seem to be grammar modules primarily in English keep that in mind.). Did I miss any of your favorite Spanish podcasts? Beginner Episodes on Apple Podcasts. Most of their lessons are quite short, ranging from a few minutes long to about 15 minutes or so. In Speaking Spanish for Beginners, we teach you how to speak Spanish in a smooth and fun way. Her accent is clear and accessible to learners. Any advice?? These are not language lessons; theyre life lessons through language. Oscar is the host for this Spanish podcast, a native speaker from Spain who speaks with a clear, steady voice and accent. If you are taking your Spanish learning journey very seriously and want to absolutely maximize your experience, these podcasts are worth it. Now I have 3 children, a full time jobblah blah blah..But I do want to achieve this dream. Thankfully, Andrea corrects my pronunciation and mistakes at times.

News in Slow Spanish is a podcast for those who already possess a basic vocabulary and some knowledge of Spanish grammar.

If anything, there are now too many podcasts to choose from. Too many people have the same attitude which why there are over 3000 folks killed on Texas highways each year. Thanks for these suggestions. Usamos paisajes sonoros y msica original. Nate is a non-native speaker, and Andrea is a native speaker with a Latin American accent. Due to time and budget constraints, I cannot go back for my formal degree in Spanish.

These days, I often stay away from the news due to all the negativity out there. Everything is free unless you want to buy the books he has written. Maria Garcia was 9 years old and living on the U.S.-Mexico border when Selena was murdered. Our first Spanish podcast comes from Babbel itself,AZero to AHero. In this article, we give you an overview of some of the best Spanish podcasts for people learning the language. You can start with Spanish from Scratch and Beginner Spanish with Spanish Obsessed if youre a total newbie. Where do you find the Extra Chunky Spanish Podcast? They begin with lessons for absolute novices and get more conversational as the levels move up, in over 200 episodes. Rob is a learner and Lisa is native speaker (from Colombia, which tends to be a good accent for beginners in my opinion). At first, I classified this as advanced, but it should work for most intermediate levels. italian language babbel course learning

I have been learning Spanish off and on for YEARS! I still remember listening to Coffee Break early on in my Spanish journey 3 plus years ago.

Like most NPR shows, Radio Ambulante is storytelling at its finest.

We created this Podcast as we found that there were some great Spanish Podcasts, but not many with Spanish conversations on interesting topics. They are especially good for beginners and early intermediates. Hi Brad We really like the early episode of Coffee Break Spanish for more beginner level Spanish. Required fields are marked *. Lisa and Rob co-host this podcast, which has dozens of episodes. I think this podcast can be most effective by reading first, to understand the story.

This podcast was created with Spanish learners in mind, who want to learn Spanish naturally through normal conversation and interesting stories. Let me know in the comments! You will also notice we have recommended them for intermediate learners.

Also, I just wanted to point out that you repeatedly spelled their incorrectly as there., Awesome, thank you Mary.

Each topics will have a variety of speakers with different accents, answering the same questions. Once you learn some basic Spanish, listen to this podcast to reinforce your knowledge and help you get a sense of how the language sounds. Ive noted below which ones provide transcripts for free or for a fee. I LOVE that DuoLingo decided to focus on stories for their new podcast. This is one of several great Spanish podcasts from Radio Nacional de Espaa Spains public radio station. He alternates between a conversational, story-telling style and vignettes of information about the Spanish language and culture. This is a unique beginner Spanish podcast: each episode, we meet a Spanish-speaker and they tell us a story from their life, in slow Spanish. The episodes are regularly updated to keep you updated on only the latest events going on around the world. Inside: The best podcasts for learning Spanish and the best Spanish language podcasts. Learn to speak Spanish with our free lessons, podcasts, videos, tips and tricks. Whats your favorite Spanish Podcast to listen to? You can also select Spanish-only, once you are comfortable with and understand the story. Transcripts in Spanish and English are included.

He is fluent in Spanish and loves Spanish fairytale audiobooks. Esto es Espaol Automtico: hablar con facilidad y de forma automtica.. I love this Podcast as it is mostly in Spanish and they discuss interesting topics like El Sistema Educativo or Inmigracion..

Either way, you should definitely consider adding these Spanish podcasts to your playlist! Your email address will not be published. There is an intermediate and advanced option. This means as much exposure to listening and reading as you can possibly get! Website at https://player.fm/series/inspired-proficiency or find it in your podcast app.

We tried to lay out some great Spanish Podcasts to listen to regardless of your language level. It features profound, emotional topics like diversity and the struggle that many Latinos face around the world. Intermediate Episodes on Apple Podcasts. We have just the Podcast for you not matter what your language level. True stories for English speakers learning Spanish. Speak Spanish automatically and effortlessly.

Inside:Spanish songs in the past tense with an emphasis on the preterite and the imperfect. This podcast includes short episodes in comprehensible Spanish, designed for learners.

The speed and language are great for intermediate learners. I have tried all these Podcasts to some extent and have enjoyed them all.

These are all great choices! Youll find that Ben and Marina, the hosts, are very relaxed and assuring. Nmadas is a travel show that takes you to a different corner of the world every week and brings you voices, sounds and stories from that destination. It does not begin with completely novice-level episodes, but novice speakers could understand this with some support, as Marta speaks slowly in comprehensible language. You will also learn about the Spanish culture and the language itself. Unfortunately, I dont know of another, but maybe someone in the comments section does? Since it is for Spanish language learners it is not spoken at the same speed and intensity of a normal native speaker.

Please keep in mind, the 2 recommendations below speak a lot of English in them as they are primarily beginner level Spanish Podcasts. No Hay Tos is a podcast designed to help English speakers practice their Spanish listening skills through real conversations at a normal speed by native speakers.. Its a great resources for teachers and learners who need to start simple! Listening to Podcasts in Spanish can be a very passive experience, but also can be one of the most rewarding and simple ways to learn the language, if done right. He creado un simple sistema basado en mi experiencia como estudiante de idiomas y en mis estudios de neurolingstica.

Then, you can listen to the parts in Spanish, and check your understanding as the English parts pop in. .

If youre an intermediate Spanish speaker, a good podcast option is Espaolistos, hosted by a Colombian Spanish Teacher and her American fianc. Levels: Intermediate to AdvancedTranscripts available at the $5 Patreon level. Thanks so much for writing in, Melita. Since it is spoken completely in Spanish, we cant recommend it for just the everyday casual listeners. He studied journalism at Ithaca College and has an MBA from NYU.

My only comment is that you shouldnt label driving as a simple thoughtless task. This site is new to me, but it is incredible. At the beginner level, there is more explanation than conversation. In our program we discuss the world news, grammar, and expressions, and much more in simplified Spanish at a slow pace so that you can understand almost every word and sentence., SpanishPod101.com is an innovative and fun way of learning the Spanish language and culture at your own convenience and pace. The main person behind Coffee Break Spanish is a guy named Mark from the UK. 3. However, a huge benefit is that many episodes are labeled specifically as B2 or C1, so if you need those labels this is perfect. Of course, let me know in the comments if Im missing one of your favorites!

However, theres nothing that will affect your proficiency like getting languageintoyour head. Indeed, they offer both an Intermediate level podcast and an Advanced Level Podcast to check out. It's also unique in that it's completely spoken in Spanish from the beginning to the end.

Somos un podcast documental con un diseo de sonido nico. Thats what I like so much about News in Slow Spanish. And dont forget: you can control and slow down the speed of the audio if needed.

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