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nissan leaf gearbox ratio

nissan leaf gearbox ratio

Some other numbers released: curb weight 1,525kg (3,355 pounds) minimum 1,595kg (3,509 pounds) maximum. jondoe88 Welcome to Living LEAF. Rides like a skateboard, but I knew it was not a Cadillac, and for short tripsworks for me. The point of an EV is not matching an original ICE.

If you do wish to go full electric and wish to achieve that range, you can look into the Tesla Model S sedan. quiet, smooth, gliding ride. We still have all 12 bars. I can even charge it at School as they will be happy to help, this will extend my leaf driving even further. Tahrey Welcome to Living LEAF. We heard from some other sources as much as 18,000 RPM, but thought that might be on the high side. But, we also need to add a correction factor for the weight, as this thing is more than a tonne and a half (and the heaviest thing Ive yet owned, which coincidentally enough had a 106hp engine, was under 1.2 tonnes). Hi Gerald Welcome to Living LEAF. Well see. Varun Welcome to Living LEAF. Thanks.

Of course that was based on its own speedometer and seems to be off 2 mph. This does mean that the effective torque is rather reduced vs that of a conventional car of similar spec, at least whilst starting off. Thanks for the idea! This is why you feel no shifting and no hesitation upon acceleration. You say that if Nissan could have created an EV that went 200 miles for $30,000 they would have a winner. Thanks for your contribution to the conversation. you will soon find that you think of it as your FIRST car. [UPDATE] This article was written in 2010 and applies to the 2011 and 2012 models of the Nissan LEAF. Go ahead well wait. . Its peppy and cute. And thanks for the feedback!

In daily driving, most will rarely, if ever, exceed 80 miles per hour.

This is what will make cars such as the plug-in Prius hybrid and Chevy Volt more attractive to those interested in going electric, but needing a greater range than that currently offered by the LEAF. (Nissans likely choice for a car of the Leafs size would be their 1500cc version of the same engines). How does the leaf deal with turning and wheel rotation speeds? Its clear that youve spent some time looking at these issues. You're in no position to preach or argue with some of the world class grey matter on this forum. Obviously, 207 lbft being brought to bear in 2nd gear still isnt anything to sniff at (I would happily start in 2nd all day long in my old TDi with about 150lbft), but it does reduce the Wheel Torque bragging rights vs a normal car. +1 to that Ernie. Nissan has used it elsewhere since the early 90s. Which, all in all, is pretty strange. Welcome to the world of electric car ownership. Engine or motor torque is completely meaningless unless it is in context with speed, so tossing around torque values for engines without the corresponding speed is misleading, or just pointless.

When tire manufacturers report revolutions per mile in the specs, depending on the tire, a 3-5% slippage factor is applied. Learn how your comment data is processed. Come join the discussion about electric vehicle conversions, builds, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more!

Sorry about the delay in approving your comments. Living LEAF. Bottom line, it wont hurt your car to charge to 80% if you never go more than 60km per day.

Would 1,000 lb-ft of torque be good? Why is this important? So how the heck does it manage it, when the effective gearing from 0 to 100km/h is more or less equivalent to having that larger engine but starting and staying in 2nd, and its got such a relatively heavy body to drag along? And 2nd car. Hopefully, you will continue to find our site of service.

No oil changes, no trips to the gas station, and hardly any moving parts to maintain no fuel injection system, carburetor, etc. So this Hyper 9 HV will be a good fit because it's around 140hp equivalent and 170 lb/ft of torque.".

No. You're awfully confused, not having any knowledge, but arguing nonetheless. The idea of an 80% charge is to extend the battery life. Thanks Sarath. On the whole, the Leafs speed (not counting the governor) would be more suggestive of a conventional-drive and conventional-weight car in the same size class with a fairly decent 1.6L or mediocre 1.8L engine instead. After all, it takes just a few seconds to plug in and then unplug it in the morning. I did not know that. John, welcome to Living LEAF. They are generally calibrated to be most accurate at typical highway speeds. Congratulations! Because at those speeds it would be completely inadequate. Appreciate it. Typical practice on compact cars is to provide vented front rotors and solid rear rotors. Excellent Information.. Does my 2015 Leaf have a variable type transmission complete with belts? (OK, Id be doing 80, with traffic, in the other car.). , Pingback: It was one year ago today Living LEAF. But we will give you a little insight into how the LEAF is different from the car that you are currently driving. As indicated in the article, the final drive is 7.9377 to one. Or you can set up a solar panel just for charging your car. The Leafs all-up real-world performance is on a par with, and actually slightly better than, the supercharged Micra. But if the electric motor is turning 10,390 RPM, and the tires are turning at 1308.94 RPM, how fast are we going? We will have to charge it Sunday night, and Wednesday, for work. The max RPMs are also different by as much as 4:1. (I also did some mathing with the power and torque vs normal cars, but Ive got something I need to go do AFK first, so there now follows a natural breakpoint.). Pl advise whether I should reduce the level to 80 p c and continue my charging habit after every journey. You used 811 based on circumference. And for the weekend, Friday night, and maybe Saturday, depending on how much driving we do. Well i would say more but I have to go to work in my leaf. The LEAF is perfect for running errands, getting your kids to school, short commutes, etc. Five to ten years from now? Or in other words, trying to achieve that particular milestone top speed (1.5x the Japanese national limit, btw) whilst JUST keeping the motor under 10,000rpm. Anywaysit seems to me that the first manufacturer to produce THAT vehicle is the one who will be the winner, i.e. JavaScript is disabled. Eric, welcome to Living LEAF. The gearing, however, is more like that of a medium-long 2nd gear 9.32 mph/1000, fairly close to the Micras 2nd and is only that high because of the large wheels, the actual reduction being more like that usually seen in a medium-short 2nd gear; indeed, the total drive ratio is quite close to that of the Polos actual 2nd 1.958 for the gear itself, and a 4.063 differential. One other little bit that we picked up both front and rear brake rotors are ventilated. The lack of gas is great but, I only was projected to have an 87 mile range by the car (not in economy mode, driving normally, without hypermiling sort of tricks). After down payment leased for $225 per month. I have gotten our 2013 Leaf up to 94 quite easily. Required fields are marked *. We can already see that the lower torque model is comparable at the wheels to the supercharged Micra, for a small window, though once the Leaf gets into the mid 20s mph the ICE is outgunned and never has a chance to regain the upper hand. However, this was all predicated on the initial 2011 model. Yes, it's all the SAME. If the range anxiety is too much for you, consider the LEAF as a second car. Good question. Well my point is i plan on driving my leaf atleast 40 miles a day and up to 70 miles a day.

Still, we needed to start down the road to electric cars somewhere, and nissan is to be congratulated for being the first horse out of the gate. The max torque is 207 lbft in the original and 187 lbft in the retuned version (still enough to squirrel the tyres), so that max power crossover point is reached at ~2700 and ~3000 rpm respectively. compactor cbm The Leaf charger is designed to cut off before damaging the battery). Not the sort of car that most americans would consider spending over $20,000 on.

You are almost right. My whole goal is to get good info out in the world about the LEAF and EVs in order to help encourage their adoption. Oh dear. I dont know what year LEAF you have. My location is optimal for the range of the leaf. Take off 3.2% and that could be as little as 145.2 km/h or 90.2mph. The fact of the matter is, no one can produce that car currently. Instead of paying $100 $125 per month per gas, we pay about $25 or $30 per month for electricity. I have been using the Leaf for over One year now charging at 100 p.c every time I come back home even though the charge level indicates 90 p c. Idonot run more than 60 km a day.Mostly short runs. And Ive finally come around to its shape. Using your circumference number results in a top speed of 96.8 vs. my calculated 93.8. I live in the border of queens and long island. Whereas the electric car applies maximum torque to the drivetrain within a split second of the pedal being floored, keeps it applied (or at least as much as the traction control meters out) to about 25mph, then backs it off gradually and smoothly in order to keep the power output steady at the maximum allowed. jeff we replied to your comment in another post regarding many of the topics you raised here. We are pleased to hear about your experience, as it will help others that may be in a similar situation. My final plan is to get a Range extender trailer which i can use to say go to Florida or Canda in the car as opposed to taking my Maxima. But you can, so it is. I figured there was some reason for the difference, but I wasnt quite sure why. And there's no need for "equivalent " in "140hp equivalent": horsepower is a power unit so just "140 hp". I drive the car like a regular car. Of course torque can be measured, and in any motor and controller system suitable for an EV the maximum torque will be at zero speed ("locked rotor"), but individuals building EVs are rarely equipped to measure torque. An L2, and an L3). All LEAFs, from 2011 through 2015, use whats called a single speed reduction gear which is essentially a one-speed transmission. It is so much nicer to drive than an ICE (internal combustion engine). For instance, we now know that the AC synchronous motor can turn a maximum of 10,390 revolutions per minute (RPM). What pioneers! The Model S is slated to be available next year and will offer the 300 mile range that you seek. Comparing it to the Micra, we can basically just divide by 1.55 to put the Leaf on an equal power to weight basis, wed have to detune whichever engine was in the city car to just 69hp. Elroy Welcome to Living LEAF. This is the type of treatment typically found on more expensive performance oriented vehicles. Nissans LEAF is not an everyman car yet. No burning of fossil fuel. For this Ill compare to a couple of particular other vehicle models, Nissans own Micra (as I happen to own one ;), with a choice of two very modern engines both 1200cc, one naturally aspirated (81 lbft @ 4000rpm, 80hp @ 6000rpm), the other lightly supercharged (108 lbft @ 4400rpm, 98hp @ 5600rpm) and an old VW Polo (again, something I owned; 1043cc, 55 lbft @ 2800, 45hp @ 5200, plus a few other engines generally with about the same specific output but varying in capacity and some with slightly altered torque vs power biases) with a fairly stoneage engine that can act as a base for larger, lower tune lumps running on poorer fuel. With these givens, at 60 miles per hour these tires will turn 837 RPM. I think it also has the option to charge to 80%. 91.7mph maximum speed. Presumably the leaf must solve this problem (unless it delivers all power through a single wheel). Our Leafs have 12 bars. So it all works out quite neatly really, despite looking a bit puzzling to start with. But if the final stop wasnt available we would have had to find a slow-charge, and come back for the car the next day). Pingback: Leaf UpdateI Cannot Lie | Sustainable Us. I assume that you are using some other reduction gearing, instead, such as a conventional final drive unit (differential with ring and pinion gears). But now thinking, since when do manufactures do torque ratings from the wheel. I can only presume the secret is in how it sustains those outputs in such a rock solid way. Hey, Now I can tell my friend who drives a Hummer that my car revs up much higher than his! At the extreme, 89.51mph (or juuust over 144km/h) would be a 4.1% downward variance from the intended road speed or in other words, it might be what an accurate GPS would indicate when the speedo is showing 94 or 95mph, and the shafts are doing a theoretical 150.0k with quite well-worn tyres that are a month or so from needing to be replaced (and have all worn at an even rate with none of them due for renewal before the others have worn as much!) As you say, we needed to start down the road to electric cars somewhere Nissan has done exactly that. I bought the car New and have driven it from 2004 to the present yes that is why i bought a leaf. A limited slip differential will sense the spinning wheel in a high powered car if excess power is applied too quickly and literally limit slip of the spinning wheel and send that power to the wheel that has traction. If you assume *zero* slippage, then it looks like, at least in terms of making it accurate at the driveshaft speed level, Nissan went for a very round-number approach; 150 km/h with the specified 1985mm rolling circumference tyres and the 7.9377 gearing comes out at bang on 9990 rpm. As for the range anxiety I lost that the day I picked up my leaf from the dealer which was 60+ miles from my house. I used 837 (as indicated in the link to Tirerack.com (Tire Rack tire size info)). Nissan started, hopefully they keep up with the technology and advancements while others (like VW Now looking to do a full EV Golf) might leave NISSAN in the dust. I will keep everyone updated on my range and i have a gas car for when i am low on batt. 87 mile range is just too limiting to make this useful as a viable transportation option, unless its only a spare car for local errands. For example i go to car meets in Long island but i drop my mom to work very often in Astoria, Queens. I keep the tire pressure on the high side at 44 psi so perhaps that is increasing the diameter (and circumference) a bit and helping bump up the top speed. For those batteries, it was best to draw down the power to near zero, then fill them up full. They also made other improvements to battery life as well so now, Im not sure that the 80% charge is really required anymore. Recently, the good folks inNissans European Newsroom provided us with some additional technical specifications for the LEAF that had not been previously released. And thank you for your comment. A forum community dedicated to DIY electric car owners and enthusiasts. My commute round trip is 40 miles which leaves me the ability to run errands after work it wonderful not needed to go to gas stations except once a month to gas up my long distance toyota echo which is now the secondary car. The raw, peak-point figures can be very deceptive when the shape of the dyno graphs are so divergent.

Thanks for posting.

Its comfortable, can take the family around town and highly economicalthere is nothing bad you can say about the carwell maybe the looks, but a fugly car is still cool to drive and I Do enjoy it.

Yes, it has to add to my electric bill, but actually no increase from same months last year? So the quoted figures, after the above serial dividing-down, can then be multiplied by probably 1.3x or more so, a good 1.6 litres or so even for that small equivalent VW engine we arrived at. Maybe going Leaf green influenced our home power use habits?

Sarath Welcome to Living LEAF.

At least, matching it during the small window where that maximum is available. The torque and power at the wheels therefore is pretty sinusoidal and stepped at the same time, with an occasional complete zero-out, and the potential maximum not being exerted for more than a small percentage of the entire process. and 150km/h *somewhere* I cant exactly remember, which may also have been merely a proposal) with just a little in reserve if needed for some reason or if youre out on the Autobahn

We would love to hear from you with additional comments as you experience your new LEAF. Trying to figure out which motor will be a good fit for which older car, I don't have access to random torque numbers someone determined that varies with how much air in the tires, I want to be able to go "Oh, this GMC Truck (using my conversion for example) came with a 248ci 6 cylinder that made 110hp and 190 lb/ft of torque (NOT at the tires). Lithium batteries, thankfully, do not suffer from this effect so keeping them topped up should not be an issue (note: some devices, like phones, might lose capacity when overcharged. at the wheels they're using something in the ballpark of a 15:1 reduction. Particularly, the high torque can be deceptive, thanks to the fixed gearing (ICEs use their gears to multiply otherwise lower torque figures) and the power output is affected in one direction by the heavier vehicle weight but also in the other by being more or less completely constant, which is something only otherwise seen in CVTs, hybrids with IVTs, and some deliberately de-rated engines (which tend to have very flat, wide power plateaus) like base model turbodiesels if paired with very smooth-shifting traditional automatics. ok well sorry for the long post if you have read this much then i hope you guys will read my updates on how well the LEAF experiment is doing in my household. Through our experiences hopefully others will find that an EV is not only viable, but a preference for them. I am excited to see these Babies rolling around Canada, and Charge Stations Emerging.. Keep them coming Nissan, You are Top Notch for bringing these out!! It appeared that the battery issue was related to ambient heat as all of the affected cars were in hot climates like Arizona. In this case adding 3.2% to my calculated 811 RPM yeilds 837 as reported for the Bridgestone Ecopia which is a more energy efficient low resistance to roll tire. Makes sense now. Only the early models had the feature to charge to 80 percent. (Not much good for pushing the 160k limit Austria briefly flirted with, but the hills would probably be your bigger challenge there anyway, as well as people in other vehicles that are having keeping up even whatever speed youre setting as their power:weight ratio is even lower than the Leafs somewhat misleadingly low 69hp/tonne, and theyre not thrashing their engines at the redline anyway plus whos going to be too mad that youre putting down a good 145k / indicated 155k in a 160, so long as you pull out of the way as soon as is safe and practical?). Thats the rationale anyway. Pricing has not yet been announced for the Signature model.

Service Schedule is great readinginspect, rotate tires, change cabin filter. We bought it in Alabama, and had a 140mi drive back home. Perhaps well put that on our agenda. Theres the difference. No obnoxious fumes.

I went right back to first principles with the stated size and rounded to a good 5sf instead of 3sf (and stayed metric all the way through, after converting the rim size to mm), and got a theoretical figure of 809.9 revs/mile, with about a half percent variation up and down if we assume that the profile height is absolutely true when the tread is about halfway worn (5mm, with new = about 8mm and borderline illegal = 2mm). Used the Nissan, and Chev dealership (free) quick charge a few timeseasy-peasywalk across street for lunch or dinnergood to go!

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