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readme file example for website

readme file example for website

An unsaid thing about readme files is that it even helps your future self. Its common for projects to list the license that applies to them. First, youll want to split your README file into sections like the following: Lets go over each of these sections more in-depth as a series of steps using the following project for context: This section should state your projects name and provide a clear and concise description. They do not work. Youre working on a project and youve pushed it to GitHub. For example: Make sure you test that your quickstart guide works. What is a good template to write a README File? . Content management systems, jQuery plugins, CMS plugins, etc. To create a bold text, surround the text with double asterisks **. That depends on the static site generator you choose.

They won't know how to use it or what it's for. README File Everything you Need to Know.

The way Great Learning Imparted Training was Really Good- Prakash Oraon, PGP- AIML, NGX Bootstrap Everything you Need to Know, PGP Data Science and Business Analytics, M.Tech Data Science and Machine Learning, PGP Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Know More, 2021 Great Learning All rights reserved, PGP Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Online), PGP in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Classroom), PGP Artificial Intelligence for Leaders, PG Diploma in Computer Science and AI IIIT Delhi, MBA in Digital Marketing & Data Science from JAIN, Bachelor of Business from Deakin University, Bachelor of Business Analytics From Deakin, Advanced Software Engineering Course IIT Madras, PGP in Strategic Digital Marketing Course, Advanced Certificate in Strategic Digital Marketing, Fake News Detection using Machine Learning, Product Categorization using Machine Learning, Introduction to Natural Language Processing. You need a detailed README fileone that includes useful information like the following (this is not a definitive list): So how do you make your README file meet criteria like the above without drowning developers with paragraphs? And last, we saw how the readme file is useful for different types of readers/users. This is used to help the reader understand which tech or frameworks have been used to do the project. These sections could look like this: The Features section helps make your project stand out. A short description of the license.

If there is a bug /error which needs addressing. It is a text file that contains the information for the user about the software, project, code, or game, or it might contain instructions, help, or details about the patches or updates. Just like the contributing guidelines, this is a separate file in your projects repository under the name LICENSE. Like links except the square brackets are preceded by ! First, we have gone through the definition of the readme. ## This is a

tag. So some methods to improve your readme file is by adding images and visual representations.

Headings are designated with a #. No matter which template you follow, make sure that it follows all the points listed above. The instructions for what the project is and how it works should be readily accessible that is, in the top level of the project. Make sure to create a README for each project now so you don't have to go back and add them later. The default readme file contains the repository name and some basic instructions. http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4647391. Project description: A JavaScript library that allows you to make arrays searchable using search terms. This section should show exactly how to get started quickly. Now, Im not under any delusion that anyone in the web development world owes me or anyone else anything once theyre done with a client project. Get agency news and see the impact we have on our clients and our community each month. As we have understood that a good readme file is necessary, lets look at writing a good readme file. Some points to help you in writing: There are multiple layouts or formats on the web which will help you in writing a readme file. Example: ! Ordered list just use the number and period for each line.

Everyone might not be familiar with all the technical jargon which we use. On an online repository, such as GitHub, this landing page is named README which is equivalent to the main page of a website. Also, the independent projects you turn in at the end of each section are required to include a README. For additional details on choosing a license for your code, visit GitHub's Choose a License site. You might be thinking, Thats a huge document. Youre not wrong. Bullet points are made with the * and a single space. This aims to help that. The main issue with readme files is it can look like a terms and conditions page of a product. You can solve this by adding a Table of Contents section at the top of your README file right after the name/description section. So lets see how we can write it. But looking at how Wikipedia defines what a README is above, I believe that websites are a type of computer software. The most common format for READMEs is Markdown, which is why our README files will include the .md extension. And it definitely is not a replacement for good documentation. When a project doesnt have a README file, it means nobody can know anything about it unless they dive into its code to figure out how it works. The Technology Stack section tells developers why youre using the technologies in your project. vga timing controller equipment specifications You'll find career guides, tech tutorials and industry news to keep yourself updated with the fast-changing world of tech and business. A good readme file for your project goes a long way in making an impression in your interview.

There's another reason to store a README in the top level of our project. Great Learning's Blog covers the latest developments and innovations in technology that can be leveraged to build rewarding careers. Why is this needed?. A developer would spend an hour adjusting the padding and margin of a single button. Okay you mean , site generators like , Hugo , Gatsby etc? So we hope this has helped you get a little bit of knowledge on the Readme file. Text with 1 # is the largest and text with 6 #s is the smallest. See this template by PurpleBooth. Itll help me down the road when I come back to a project months or even just a few weeks later. You can use one of the example repos and just copy the .gitlab-ci.yml file and other relevant files to your repo. This helps a lot since it takes a lot of time to understand the code when you have to scrape through millions of lines of code that you might have written a few years back. But if thats not possible Ill just go with Hugo.

An example of a license is the MIT license. You can copy and paste the text below into a new file and replace the relevant parts that are mentioned in curly brackets with information about your project. The interviewer might go to your project but might not understand a single piece of code. This is done so for two different reasonsThe user understands that this is an issue and does not spend more time figuring if it was a mistake on their part.A developer who is familiar with the issue can suggest some solutions directly without going through the whole code. _Be warned_, these will fly off of the plate! Or how about that rule about writing code for your future self, only your future self is an axe-wielding crazy person who knows where you live? Markdown: A simple language that uses marking annotation to format text for display in a browser. For now, just make sure you get used to adding the basics above. To learn more about programming and other related concepts, check out the courses onGreat Learning Academy. It even allows the uploader to add images and videos to help the reader navigate through the project. If people see that you have a messy or incomplete README, they will assume that your code is also messy or incomplete. This can cause them to turn to another project with better documentation or ask you a bunch of questions. So make sure you always include an excellent README for every project.

For example, Jekyll or mkdocs can use Markdown for source files. As the saying goes, a picture is equal to a thousand words. Sometimes developers want to know what features and technologies your project uses and why. The Readme file is often the first file that the users read. The most important reason is that when we push a repository to GitHub, GitHub will automatically take the file named README.md and add its contents to the front page of the repository.

Using Searchable, its installation section could look like: A more complex project could have an installation section that loo. When sharing your code with the world, a problem that might occur is that they may not particularly understand how to use it or even understand it. This can help other users determine whether they want to use or modify the project. How to make your Rsum an NPM packageThe scope of this in JavascriptA to Z of NPM Packages If youd like to receive more tutorials in your inbox, you can sign up for the newsletter here. It should go over the problems it solves. Uh-oh - you don't have JavaScript enabled. Source: Hao Ye.

Sometimes the web developer or agency they hired in the first place wont offer that type of service or the relationship changes and the company decides to move on to another vendor for maintenance and support. It is better to explain steps as detailed as possible because it might be a beginner who is reading it. If your project is small, then we can add the reference docs in the readme. [An image of a cookie](http://lorempixel.com/400/200/), Lesson 26 of 27 If youre worried about your code being bloated with things you dont care about (e.g., too many inline comments), then write contributing guidelines that go over what developers should and shouldnt do in your project. ###### This is a

tag. Some might say its required. There are some getting started docs here which should be useful to you. When developers search websites like GitHub for software projects, the first thing they see when viewing a project is the projects README file. A step-by-step guide is best suited for this purpose. Remember, the README file is the very first documentation page a developer sees and it can welcome developers or it can leave them completely confused and frustrated.

It helps them understand better. But I aim to be as good a citizen in this realm as I can be, especially after seeing and hearing examples of the opposite. Also, explain whats going on so that developers know how it all works. Imagine you find an object covered in little screens and buttons. Without a README, your project will likely be ignored whether that's by friends, family, classmates, or potential employers. Moving forward, you're expected to include a detailed README.md file for every project you create here at Epicodus. If possible, you can add links that can help them better understand how to configure/install the necessary files or softwares. The opposite is also true; I dont owe anyone anything when the project is done (except to my client of course).

It was updated just a few weeks before this photo was taken. A table to the content providing quick links to different sections of the README file. If you plan for your project to be worked on by other developers, then include all steps required to install your project on a machine. Its not necessarily required, but some developers like knowing what technologies your project is using and why. What that means is, after a company has had their site designed and built, they need regular maintenance. If and when I do take over a site for support and maintenance, theres a lot of up front work that I need to do to become familiar with the website the structure, the organization of the code, how the CMS was setup, etc. An MIT license means your code is free to use by anyone and you are not liable for any problems in the software. A README that looks like this is perfectly fine for now. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. HOW to host Readme file as a static website. It is a long page filled with information. On the other hand, a programmer that doesn't use Ruby might choose another project instead.

Theyre pretty simple and arent (normally) the full documentation. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Great Learning is an ed-tech company that offers impactful and industry-relevant programs in high-growth areas. For more information on creating a README, check out Make a README. It also helps in better understanding for some people.

- Mozilla Open Leadership.

For that reason, a good README is an essential part of any project. In github it was pretty simple to enable hosting But some of us (me included) lack in soft-skills even in the online community. However, keep in mind that your portfolio projects (and any projects that you are really proud of) should have more visually appealing READMEs. # This is a

tag. So I recently took some time to put a template together for just that. It is the very first documentation page for a project. This contributors table is updated using the all-contributors bot that acknowledges all kinds of contributions including those that do not push code. GitHub shields are clickable buttons that provide concise actions related to the project, which in The Turing Way include the following: Links to the translated version of the README files to allow readers to read it in their preferred language. For example, I think mkdocs would expect the file to be docs/index.md but that might be configurable in the mkdocs.yml config file. Ah, apologies, I didnt realise you mean the README in a repo named after your username. This can get a potential employer's attention. Your READMEs should always include the following information no matter how basic the project: This screenshot shows a very basic README that incorporates all of the required items.

Github has become the platform where most open-source code is shared as the world is pushing more and more towards open-source projects and code. With a strong presence across the globe, we have empowered 10,000+ learners from over 50 countries in achieving positive outcomes for their careers. When you create a repository or a project, GitHub gives you the option of a default readme.

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