Sulam Yaakov

Jacob’s ladder is seen with angels cloaked in talitot (prayer shawls) blessing Jacob using the text of the priestly blessing, which culminates with peace. “Shalom” forms the rungs of the ladder representing G-d’s promise to protect Israel and return them to the Land of Israel in peace. The promise to Jacob at Beit El is reenacted with every priestly blessing.

Chag HaSigd

For thousands of years Ethiopian Jews preserved an Jewish ancient holiday mentioned in the book of Ezra, called Chag Hasigd, or the holiday of prayer. This holiday is celebrated fifty days after Yom Kippur, and is ushered in with fasting and prayer for the return to Jerusalem. In Etheopia, Jews gathered on a tall mountain and faced Jerusalem, as the Kessim, or Rabbis read from the Torah. Todah this holiday is celebrated in Jerusalem, overlooking the Temple mount.